Training or Coaching?

Isn’t it curious how everyday incidents can spark deep insight when you are in the right state of awareness?

For example, I noticed that the outside light on our house was not looking very bright. I decided to take it apart to have a look at what was going on. It’s a fairly simple device – a bulb surrounded by glass, suspended on a bracket.

However, before I had a look inside, I was aware of three possibilities in my mind that would explain the light’s current state:

  1. The bulb needs replacing
  2. The glass needs cleaning
  3. The bulb needs replacing and the glass needs cleaning

As I was taking the lamp apart to explore those options, I though of Tim Gallwey’s Inner Game approach.

You see, when Gallwey was studying the way that people learned sports, he discovered something very important about the way teaching and learning combined.

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Training or Coaching?

Training or Coaching? by
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