NLP Primers

Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) models the science and art of human thinking and behaviour.

Explore this fascinating area of personal excellence with this series of NLP Primers by NLP Trainer and Coach, Philip Callaghan.

This series introduces you to tools and techniques from Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) over a period of 5 weeks.

These lessons are called ‘primers’ because I created this series as an introduction to NLP for new people and a reminder to experienced NLPers. It is not a complete training in NLP, and showcases a selection of the skills taught at NLP Practitioner level.

Each lesson is designed to:

  • introduce an NLP technique
  • cover some of its applications
  • describe the steps involved
  • show how to make the technique more powerful

so if you already know something about NLP, there’s still plenty here for you to work with.

If you know little about NLP, you’ll be surprised by the changes you can make. (Naturally, this won’t be as rich an experience as attending one of our NLP trainings. It will give you a head start though.)

Here is what you’ll get:

Week 0: What is NLP?

Week 1: Well-formed Outcomes – Planning for Success Using NLP

Week 2: Getting What You Want – Motivating Yourself Easily With NLP

Week 3: Future Pacing Powerfully – How to Access Your Resources Automatically

Week 4: Effective Timelines – Beyond Time Management

Week 5: Submodalities – Pictures That Create Change

If you want to find out more about what NLP can do for you in practical terms, from an NLP expert, this is a great place to begin learning.

If you’re already NLP-trained and want to brush up on your skills, jump right in and start adding to your current skills.

Go here to book your place and access the material straight away.