Mind Rescue Kit


Do you ever feel overwhelmed? Are there too many demands on your attention and nowhere near enough time?

Overwhelm is the secret pain of the modern age – These days, staying focused is like finding a needle in a haystack during a blizzard.

If your current ways of coping are strained to breaking point, you’re not alone. Even though no-one talks about this.

But why should you suffer in silence if there are new ways of, not just coping, but actively thriving in this environment?

Mind Rescue Kit is  a practical course that will take you from stressed and overwhelmed to calm, focused and resourceful.

It combines ideas and exercises from Psychology, NLP and Coaching to create a positive effect for you in your life.

You learn everything you need to know through a series of practical exercises, so you can make a positive difference in your life right away.

Specifically, you’ll learn:

  • How to take control of your state of mind (and why that’s so important)
  • How to master your internal dialogue (a master-skill)
  • How to create goals like the world’s most successful people do
  • How to recapture your drive and stay motivated
  • What feedback really is – and why you need to get it right

In short, you’ll understand yourself better, so you can get into a more resourceful mindset and build a workable plan for your future.

  • Can you imagine cutting through the confusion and plucking that one ‘need to know’ piece of information from amid the chaos?
  • Or calmly knowing what you have to do, while everyone else is running around like a bunch of crazy people?

With practice, you can live in the calm in the eye of the storm.

If that’s what you need, sign up below.

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