About Us

Continue Learning

Mindskills-training is designed to provide ongoing learning and development for people who have taken some training and wish to continue building upon that learning. For example, most NLP practice groups meet up for a couple of hours once a month. This can be okay. Learning through experience day-by-day can be much better.

Skills, Not Techniques

Unlike regular practice, the learning on this site focuses primarily on developing mindskills to the highest standard, rather than just providing more techniques. Techniques are just an application of the skills, showing us what worked well in that specific situation with that particular person. Techniques are good examples of how to apply mindskills – and to truly progress, you must move beyond this limited set of applications.

Integrate Your Skills

Further, our aim is to help you to integrate mindskills into your everyday awareness and behaviours, so that your skills will act as a resource in every context. We believe that limiting yourself to a single context is against the spirit of learning itself – excellence in only one context can indicate a life out of balance and poor overall ecology.

Everyday Skills

Not everyone into mindskills is a therapist or coach. For many, there are few everyday opportunities to do a formal technique, but many chances to use mindskills like rapport, anchoring, milton- and meta-model, for example. To fully integrate your skills, it’s necessary to set aside the artificial limits of ‘formal’ (“now I’m going to do a technique…”) practice and focus instead on the opportunity to use your mindskills in everyday circumstances.

For more about learning NLP through our methods, read the site manifesto.