Hypnotic Conversations – Level 1

Hypnosis isn’t just entertainment or therapy. The truth is far simpler and more interesting:

The Hypnotic Conversations online course teaches you how to combine the power of hypnosis with everyday life.

“My mind is blown! I was intrigued by hypnosis but couldn’t really figure out the everyday uses. Hypnotic Conversations showed me that and more. Now I see it and use it everywhere. Amazing!”K. Ross, Lincoln, UK

Some examples:

For sales: Can you imagine how much easier your job will be when you can build hypnotic realities inside a customer’s mind? How much easier it will be to get your message across on the phone or in person? And without sounding ‘trancy’ or weird – just a normal conversation?

For presentations: Have you ever seen a presenter who is able to hold the audience in the palm of their hand? Learn these skills and that could be you.

Whether your purpose is to inform, educate, persuade or engage the audience’s passion, you will be able to hold their attention completely and move them easily through a set of compelling experiences.

Socially: What would it be like if you were the center of attention for a change? Can you imagine how different it will be to have others hang on your every word? Master these skills and this can become very real for you.

For therapeutics: Heal and create change through the power of hypnotic conversation. Wrap your entire therapy session in a protective hypnotic bubble, so changes stay changed. What if your clients could enter a new reality with new possibilities from the moment they met you?

That’s not all the uses this skill-set can have, though it must give you some ideas on where Hypnotic Conversations can positively impact your life.

Level 1 sets the groundwork and gives you a set of ready, practical tools. In this first module you will begin to incorporate hypnotic methods seamlessly into your everyday interactions. These are the powerful fundamentals which make the entire system work so well.

Through a series of weekly lessons and practical exercises, you will learn to make these skills your own.

Level 2 builds finesse, while Level 3 builds mastery. Your journey will begin with Level 1 though.

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