Achieving Your Goals – Free Online Course

Everyone has hopes, dreams and aspirations – and for most people, it is a struggle to create the life they love.

Is that you? – do you struggle too?

If so, then you’ll know:

  • It’s not due to apathy, though some people have already given up before they truly started.
  • It’s not because you lack inspiration, though some will tell you they’re not inspired.

Most of the problem is due to fear – a very real fear that if you really want something and you give it all you’ve got, it won’t be enough.

Then come the questions: Is that a reasonable dream? Can I really do it? Do I deserve that? What are the risks?

If this is at all familiar, then help is at hand. The heart of the problem is this – most people don’t get what they want because their thinking habits get in the way.

That is the conclusion I came to, after years of coaching individuals to achieve their dreams.

So I wrote Goal Mastery as an antidote to those non-achiever habits. You can get the book on amazon, or take the course here: Goal Mastery Course

I also wanted to give something to everyone – a head-start, so to speak.

That’s why I created this free couse about Achieving Your Goals. It introduces the Goal Mastery concepts in bite-size format over a five day period, with each lesson in text, audio or video format – so you can absorb this information in the way best suited to you personally.

Here’s what you will get after you sign up:

Day 0 – Introduction to Achieving Your Goals
Day 1 – The Desire Matrix (how do you know what you want?)
Day 2 – The Motivation Matrix (what are the best sources of motivation for you?)
Day 3 – Dreaming Big (how do you cope with really important dreams?)
Day 4 – Transforming Failure (when things go wrong, how can you turn that to your advantage?)
Day 5 – Your Next Steps (what do you do it you want to take this further?)

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