Is Fate holding you back?

There are several common mental pitfalls that we have to avoid throughout our personal evolution.

Many of these result in the Big Questions that we all pursue at some point. To the experienced eye, these questions serve as great examples of someone stuck in a model – trapped by a way of thinking that had previously been useful and liberating.

It’s important to remember that your model of the world isn’t reality and that it’s on the inside of our heads. Sometimes we outgrow our current model of the world and don’t yet have any better reality to replace it with. So these Big Questions basically translate into “help me, I’m stuck”.

Fortunately, help is at hand. There are a number of presuppositions involved in these Big Questions which can hide a solution. When learning, those presuppositions form the domain within which one can comfortably grow and develop. Sooner or later, you will outgrow that domain. It’s only natural. The presuppositions must then be redefined or removed at that point for growth to continue.

The model that binds many of us at one point is the notion of Fate, usually resulting in the question “What is my Life Purpose?” Let’s look at the presuppositions involved in that statement.

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