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Books by Phil Callaghan and Susanna Bellini

Short descriptions of Phil Callaghan and Susanna Bellini’s books and ordering information.

presenting_bookPresenting Power
Want to become a more confident public speaker and presenter?
This guide is for you.
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goals-ebookGoal Mastery: The Psychology of Success

A complete practical system for achieving your desires, based on NLP and the latest psychology.
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hypno3dHypnotic Conversations

Learn the the Secret Structure Behind Everyday Hypnosis
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tyl_coverTransform Your Life in Seven Days
A comprehensive guide to creating the life you want.
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Special Reports by Phil Callaghan

Short descriptions of Phil Callaghan’s Special Reports and ordering information.

tyl_coverWeapons of Mass Influence

Want more influence? Go viral with this set of mass-influence tools and techniques.
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tyl_coverMind Hacks

Hack your mind with this set of bite-size tips, tools and techniques.
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