Embracing change

It’s Spring at last – a time for beginnings and new growth. What new ventures are you considering at the moment?

Previously, I talked about the importance of change. I’m actually going to go so far as to say that change is inevitable.

Not eventually.

Not dramatically.

Not at some carefully considered point in the future.

It’s happening right now.

We don’t pay attention to everything all the time – and we rarely pay attention to small changes. However, those small changes can really add up. Quickly.

Change is inevitable, so if you don’t decide what changes you want, you may be subject to unplanned (and likely unfavourable) events in your life.

You’ve probably noticed that the amount of new information is accelerating – and change is accelerating with it.

It’s not time for doom and gloom though. It’s time to be proactive and to begin designing your future.

Not all designs work out as planned, so I’ve provided some guidelines that successful people use implicitly and which you can begin to use explicitly.

These are:

While following these guidelines doesn’t guarantee success, they will give you a better idea of what is workable and give you ways to get started on your hopes and dreams instead of waiting and hoping.

That’s all for now because I don’t want to dilute the message. Be proactive – do something and do it today…

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