Are you one of the unlucky 54%?

A recent UK survey indicates that on average 54% of the population has a significant fear of public speaking. This is alarming because we all need to deliver a speech or presentation in public more than once in our lives. In many professions, public speaking skills count when being considered for promotion because confident public speaking is considered to be a defining leadership skill. Yet over half the population live in fear of delivering a speech.

As a former shy speaker I know how to change this, so I created ‘Presenting Power’ as the solution to that problem – a new book based on my tried-and-tested methods. This approach is different from any other because you can become a great speaker by doing less than before. You will become free from fear and develop your skill as a speaker by following the simple instructions I give you in the book.

What is it possible to achieve? Imagine this: You are asked to deliver an important presentation – and this time it feels different. Maybe you will describe your work, outline an important proposal or champion a cause. You feel excited at the thought of connecting with an audience and know exactly what you need to do to prepare your material. On the day, you speak easily and confidently without notes, because you only need to hold two things in your memory. You can see the audience sit up and take notice of you while you speak and revel in the applause when you conclude powerfully. You might even think to yourself “life doesn’t get much better than this!”

I know that you can have that success if you follow the methods detailed in Presenting Power.

Or you could remain as one of the 54%. I know that some of you believe that there’s safety in numbers. That may be some comfort until the inevitable day when you have to stand in front of an audience – alone.

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Are you one of the unlucky 54%? by
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