NLP Modeling – some thoughts

NLP modelling

When many people model a process or task, they often only model tactics.

Tactics take the form “in this exact situation, do this specific thing for this specific result”.

It’s easy to see that when modelling a specific role, you would need to map out a lot of tactics – enough to cover all the available situations. So tactical models can be extremely unwieldy.

A good model involves modelling relevant skills and the principles which underpin them. In this way, the model generates its own tactics in response to external circumstances. This is a more concise and flexible model – and it allows you to do things which the person you modelled couldn’t or didn’t do.

This is a significant part of why we model – and why so many NLPers really don’t seem to ‘get’ NLP modelling.

There is also the issue of detail or ‘scale’ which I will discuss in my next post.

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