Why your goals don’t matter – and what does…

So many people focus on goals, charging forward, nose down in a rut of their own making.

But here’s the thing:

Your goals – by themselves – don’t matter. What drives you to achieve them (and made you choose them in the first place) is what is important.

Those hidden driving forces are responsible for the energy and focus throughout your life.

  • That’s why some goals aren’t important to you
  • That’s why you want some things but never get around to seeking them
  • That’s why goals (in and of themselves) aren’t really necessary

Find out what is important about your current goals, find out the ‘why?’ behind them and find out what’s behind that…

Then you’ll begin to get close to something deeply important and useful.

Goals are very much at the surface of a far deeper process. They’re the part of the iceberg which you see above the waterline.

Look deeper and you’ll get closer to what is important in life.

Why your goals don't matter - and what does... by
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