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What you need to know about Public Speaking:

  • Some people find Public Speaking difficult, but it doesn’t have to be.
  • Public speaking skills are among the most valued by employers.
  • A poor presentation can kill a promotion instantly.

As you can tell, the ability to speak well in front of others is an essential skill in life. Whether you’re giving a wedding speech (as groom, bride, best man or maid of honour), making a sales pitch or having a job interview – you need to be your best.

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In fact, it’s so important that I took the time to write this course about it.

I called that course Presenting Power because (and I know it may sound cliche) I believe that the power should be in your hands.

  • The power to shine at social occasions like weddings
  • The power to climb the ladder of promotion
  • The power to show others you’ve got something important to contribute

Why do you need a course on public speaking?

This course is a practical one, based on all the latest psychology. And the approach I’ve designed for you is not complicated – it’s intentionally simple, because that always works best.

For example,

  • I’m not going to tell you how to stand or what to do with your hands while speaking.
  • I’m not going to give you breathing exercises or insist you use PowerPoint.

You will have other things to think about while you’re speaking so why add more? That would be insane.

It’s vital to make the process easier instead.

A quick peek inside:

  • Never forget your words again. Just remember these 2 things (page 13-14)
  • 2 simple techniques that will banish your fear – forever. (page 62-66)
  • How to use past failures to create future success. (page 73)
  • The 3 simple rules for creating a great speech. (page 13-18)
  • The 7 secrets of effective communication (page 84)
  • The CMR technique – program yourself for success. (page 31)

How can you possibly make it easier?

The key is this: accuracy.
Once you know where to put your effort for the greatest effect, everything becomes easier.

Think about it like this. If you want to close a door, what takes less effort:

(i) pushing the door near the hinges


(ii) pushing the door near the handle?

In the same way, the psychology behind public speaking reveals where to push.

A big part of it is how good public speakers think about things differently.

How does a good public speaker think?

Imagine for a moment that you are looking forward to something – something that you know is important and fun.There are other times when you’ve felt like that, haven’t you? Some times more strongly than others?

Part of the pleasure of the things you look forward to is the anticipation – where you can start to get ready to enjoy something that hasn’t happened just yet.

And you know it will happen soon, so you can allow yourself to become aware of your sense of anticipation while it builds.

And the great thing about anticipation is that you start to feel good about something just by thinking about it.

That is what it feels like when a good speaker is preparing to give a speech or presentation.

Compare this to how you would feel just before a presentation right now.

If you had the choice, which one would you choose? There’s really no contest. I can show you where to focus your effort so you can choose the easy way.

It can really be that simple.

How would your life be different if you could draw upon that ability, that deep sense of personal power? What will being a more confident speaker do for you?

How many things in your life would change for the better? What will other people think when they see you being a confident speaker?

I’ve added 5 special reports to this course which are designed to further enhance your skills.

Here they are:


Bonus Report #1 – Harnessing The Power of Visual Aids

Visual information is a vital part of our culture.

However, most people use images poorly in their presentations.

This report gives you a set of guidelines so you can make visuals work for you to dazzle your audience.

Bonus Report #2 – Presenting with Humour

Seriousness is boring.

If you want a more engaging and positive way to speak to an audience, humour is the key. Learn the 5 reasons for using humour in your presentations.

In this report, find out how you can be funny, how to find and select your material and how you can tell the difference between a total flop and a sure-fire hit.

Bonus Report #3 – The Rapport Report

Rapport is all about connecting with people. There is no more valuable skill in presenting – or life in general.

In this report, get past the myths to develop this powerful skill. Learn how to get rapport with individuals or with groups. Find out how to increase rapport dramatically and how to lead others easily.

Bonus Report #4 – Self-Positioning for Speakers

In our busy world, clarity is key.

However, it takes more skill to make something simple than it does to make it seem complicated. Simplicity is a skill you can learn easily. In this report, you will learn:

    • how to introduce your topic in 30 seconds or less
    • how to completely change your audience’s perception of your topic
    • how to make your speech so it persuades and influences your listeners.

Bonus Report #5 – Attention-Grabbing Technical Presentations

Technical presentations can be dull. The endless facts, figures, statistics and charts can often be overwhelming.

Yet, some people can make these presentations a joy to experience.

Bringing such magic to a technical subject will wow your audience – they will remember you and your subject positively.

Find out how to do that in this special report.


Consider the results:

“Now I can stand up and tell them all…”

“Thank you so much! Now I can stand up and tell them all what I want to say – and it’s fun!” — T. Wade, Bristol, UK

“Everyone is amazed at the change….”

<p”>”I have to tell you I could never have nailed that promotion without ‘Presenting Power’. I spoke with such confidence. Everyone is amazed at the change.” — Scott Boyden, USA

“The simple instructions in the book make it astonishingly easy….”

“I must admit I was very skeptical at first because I’ve tried other systems with no success. But the simple instructions in the book make it astonishingly easy. I just stood basking in the applause. Unbelievable.” — Pete Gorman, Manchester, UK

“…this book is immensely valuable.”

“As someone in a frequent speaking role, this book is immensely valuable. And the special report on technical presentations is worth the money alone” — Dr. J. Gaskill, UK

Time for you to Take Action…

Some public speaking courses can be really expensive, costing hundreds of dollars. And they are not unique, like Presenting Power.

I want to help you become a better, more confident speaker, which is why I created this course in the first place. I’ve been doing this for a long time; a lot of experience and practical research has gone into the course you see before you. It took a while to design and write, because I’ve packed a lot into it.

So take my method for a test drive now and prove for yourself that you too can have Presenting Power.

To your public speaking success,


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