A Better Way to Practice Your NLP

Do you want to be better at NLP?

  • able to achieve more with NLP, more easily
  • become more skilled at NLP
  • pick up new techniques
  • develop yourself
  • integrate NLP into your everyday life

It’s possible to learn a lot quickly with NLP and to use NLP techniques to accelerate your learning. Yet those who are exquisitely good at NLP have become excellent through practice.

Not just a couple of hours a month at a NLP meet-up or conventional practice group.

Regular practice and continual learning do help, but practical guidance from an experienced NLPer makes all the difference.

That’s what this site is for:

  • help you practice your NLP more
  • develop and integrate your existing skills
  • broaden your skill-base with further NLP techniques and applications

How does it work?
We understand that everyone has areas of special interest and focus, so the training and NLP development exercises on this site are divided into modules.

Sign up to a module and each week, you receive some training. This may be in written form, or as audio or video.

More importantly, you receive a series of practical exercises which will build your skills on that topic as you go through your normal daily activities.

Consequently, your NLP skills will be immediately useful to you and begin to integrate into your normal contexts and behaviour. This also means you practice new skills frequently, rapidly refining them and testing the limits of your abilities (and ultimately, the limits of the skills themselves).

Where is the best place to start?
Start within your comfort zone, because the world is now your Training Room.


  • If you have no prior NLP training, begin with the NLP Primers for a practical start in NLP. Consider investing in a good NLP training too, so you can build skills on a firm foundation.
  • If you are already an NLP Practitioner, start by strengthening your existing learning with our NLP Integration Program. Your skills will reawaken, broaden in application and gain additional depth.

From there, follow your interests in applications (NLP Coaching, Everyday Hypnosis, Persuasion, Public Speaking) areas of excellence (Creativity, Success) or specific NLP elements (Meta-Model, goal setting, rapport, NLP Techniques)

Want to know more?

Look at our course descriptions, find out about our methods, visit the FAQ or contact us with your questions.