Hypnotic Conversations – a quick look inside the book

By now, you will have some idea why the Hypnotic Conversations approach is different from so-called ‘conversational’ Hypnosis. If you’re still on the fence about whether you should get the Continue Reading →

Suggestion at a distance – create precise post-hypnotic effects with a light touch.

Post-hypnotic suggestion is spooky. It’s one part of hypnosis that conjures up all kinds of weird and edgy connotations, with Manchurian Candidate styled overtones. In formal hypnotic settings, it’s actually Continue Reading →

Hypnotic Storytelling – The Secret Keys to the Unconscious Self

Stories have a unique power in our lives. Just think about the number of stories you experience in your everyday life. Stories we tell others Stories others tell us Stories Continue Reading →

The best way to practice Hypnotic language without wanting to slam your head in a door

Let’s face it – practicing something new can be really dull. Like playing scales while learning a musical instrument, sometimes repetition is the key. Repetition can help you to internalise Continue Reading →

How do I get started with conversational hypnosis? – a helping hand for the novice Hypnotist

The first thing you need to know is that hypnosis doesn’t exist in a couple of tiny boxes, like most people (and most hypnotists) think it does. Those boxes are Continue Reading →