Let’s be real. I don’t believe that self-improvement is a kind of drug. That is, I don’t think it should give you a vague sense of feeling good which recedes all too quickly, leaving the need for another hit.

My idea of self-improvement is practical, with straightforward advice which leads to clear changes in your thinking and behaviour. Therefore, the results you get will last – and you can improve upon them too.

You might be thinking – is this really for you? If you want to:

  • make a difference
  • turn your life around
  • build your dreams
  • achieve your life purpose

the training courses in this category will help you do exactly that. They’re here for you to study at home, introducing new ideas, adding specialised awareness and improving your skills.

Learning doesn’t need to be a long process and I don’t believe in drawing it out more than you need. That’s why all Mindskills courses are a concentration of knowledge in the same way that diamonds are a concentration of carbon. Tips, tricks and tactics are great, but when they’re all brought together and interconnected, the overall result is worth more than the substance of any one piece.

Here’s a brief look at each course, so you can decide which one to learn first. For in-depth descriptions, click through the icon for the course you want.

Course Summary
Mastering Success Success is a skill – if you know what to practice, you can master it too.
Mind Rescue Kit Overwhelm is the secret pain of the modern age. This practical course will take you from stressed and overwhelmed to calm, focused and resourceful
Creativity New ideas can save you time, money and effort. This requires creativity, but creativity can be learned. This course gives you 4 ways to be more creative.
Achieving Your Goals (free course) For most people, it is a struggle to create the life they love. This course introduces several key concepts from Goal Mastery which will make a difference.
NLP – Integration Do you know some NLP, but don’t have an everyday way to practice? This 8-week training gives you a practical framework and daily exercises for rapid improvement.
Self Improvement Techniques This course leads you through six practical methods for change, guiding you step-by-step through each process.
Trajectory (No goals required) Don’t like goals, or just find them restricting? A powerful alternative to goal-seeking, Trajectory will revolutionise the way you think about achievement and life success.

Interesting? So remember why you first came here and identify the course which suits what you need right now.

And understand that when you take part, these are results you can rely upon because the process is clear, practical and therefore under your control.


Now book your place here and get started today.