Influence & Language

Influence – everyone wants some. But somehow, there are those who seem to get more.

They win arguments easily, get offered the best of everything, draw willing supporters like a magnet and have the life you only dream about having. But how do they do it?

Let’s face it, you’re probably tired of struggling and want to find a way to take control of your life. If you want to:

  • make a difference
  • get an edge
  • turn your life around

the influence and language courses in this category will help you to achieve that. They’re here for you to study at home, introducing new ideas, adding specialised awareness and improving your skills.

Learning doesn’t need to be a long process and I don’t believe in drawing it out more than you need. That’s why all Mindskills courses are a concentration of knowledge in the same way that diamonds are a concentration of carbon. Tips, tricks and tactics are great, but when they’re all brought together and interconnected, the overall result is worth more than the substance of any one piece.

This is especially true of persuasive language. Many people are satisfied by a clever tactic, or an influence language pattern. Stop and think though – what would it be like if you could combine a whole host of these patterns? You would be unstoppable, wouldn’t you?

If you think I’m overstating the power of this, think about Steve Jobs. His language would temporarily distort reality – or that’s how his friends and co-workers described his influence. I can’t promise you that – it takes practice and a special level of dedication – but I can give you the tools to multiply the amount of influence you have in your life. Ready?

Here’s a brief look at each course, so you can decide which one to learn first. For in-depth descriptions, click through the icon for the course you want.

Course Summary
NLP Meta Model Learn how to read people’s thinking patterns from their language and cut through to the heart of the matter in any situation.
Hypnotic language
(Hypnotic Conversations Part 2)
Add finesse to your Hypnotic skill by adding selected Hypnotic Language Patterns to your toolkit.
NLP Power Words A primer of persuasive Language Patterns drawn from the discipline of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP).  Suitable for all occasions.
Language of Influence Learn how to use your language to influence, persuade and negotiate powerfully.
Weapons of Mass Influence Want more influence? Go viral with this set of mass-influence tools and techniques.
Mind Power Word-A-Day Bring influence into your life by learning and practicing a new persuasive language pattern each day.
Hypnotic Power Words A primer of Hypnotic Language Patterns suitable for all occasions.

Interested? Just remember why you first came here and identify the course which suits what you need right now.

And understand that when you take part, these are results you can rely upon because the process is clear, practical and therefore under your control.


Now book your place here and get started today.