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Wonder how you can become more persuasive? Enrol now to begin learning the real skills of compelling communication.

Most people consider Hypnosis to belong to a secret realm – a place of mystery and special power. Somewhere, beyond all the myths, secrecy and stagecraft is a distinct and powerful set of skills for influence and personal transformation.

If you want to:

  • make a difference
  • get an edge
  • turn your life around

our hypnotic courses will help you to achieve that. They’re here for you to study at home, introducing new ideas, adding specialised awareness and improving your skills.

Learning doesn’t need to be a long process and I don’t believe in drawing it out more than you need. That’s why all Mindskills courses are a concentration of knowledge in the same way that diamonds are a concentration of carbon. Tips, tricks and tactics are great, but when they’re all brought together and interconnected, the overall result is worth more than the substance of any one piece.

Hypnosis is a practical ability you can learn to master, starting today, with Mindskills Training’s online hypnosis courses.

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Course Summary
Hypnotic Conversations Part 1 (Fundamentals of Hypnosis) Learn how Hypnosis really works and master the powerful effects of Hypnosis in everyday conversation.
Hypnotic Conversations Part 2 (Hypnotic Language Patterns) Add finesse to your Hypnotic skill by adding selected Hypnotic Language Patterns to your toolkit.
Hypnotic Conversations Part 3 (Advanced Hypnotic Patterns) Master advanced structures in Hypnotic Storytelling and five types of action-at-a-distance Hypnotic suggestions.
Self-Hypnosis Learn how to use Hypnosis as a tool for personal development and self-improvement.
Hypnotic Power Words A primer of Hypnotic Language Patterns suitable for all occasions.
De-Hypnotize Those who rule your mind rule the world. Strip away all of the Hypnotic influences of Authority and Media to de-program yourself thoroughly.

How can you benefit from a command of hypnotic skills?

Here’s the first of the many secrets of hypnosis, and it’s my free gift to you:

All compelling communication contains hypnotic language.

That includes:

  • Great speeches,
  • influential sales pitches,
  • provocative conversations and
  • powerful written declarations

All these contain elements of hypnotic language.

  • Imagine the pleasure of capturing peoples’ attention, without apparent effort, whenever you want to. You need never be ignored or overlooked ever again.
  • The Hypnosis Confidential approach uses only natural language, so you’ll be completely in control of the situation and you will never fear being caught out.
  • Just want to “make friends and influence people”? The skills you will learn are easily applied to groups and social situations, putting you at the centre of every conversation, if that is what you desire.

And a knowledge of hypnotic language can allow you to communicate in a compelling way that is perfectly aligned with your ethics.

You’ll also be protected against the downside: If you don’t know how hypnosis works, you can be influenced whether you like it or not.

For better or for worse, we are hypnotised all the time.

With these skills, you would also be aware of ‘sales hypnosis’ and ‘influence’ in the media – and be able to defend yourself against it.

And these aren’t the only benefits you’ll gain from knowing the insider secrets of hypnosis.


Now book your place here and get started today.

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