Ten Hypnosis Myths

There are a lot of popular myths about hypnosis, many of which have come from a misunderstanding of the process, from dramatic literature or films, or from the ‘air of mystery’ that stage hypnotists tend to cultivate.

I’ve highlighted some of those myths below.

MYTH 1 – Hypnosis is like being asleep

Hypnosis is very different from sleep, as you will be aware of your surroundings while in trance. Many people find that through hypnosis they become more aware of smells, sounds and feelings than usual.

MYTH 2 – The hypnotist can make you do things against your will.

This is completely untrue. If the hypnotist were to make a suggestion that you did not want to follow, you could easily ignore it. Hypnosis is a process that requires an atmosphere of trust.

MYTH 3 – You won’t remember what happened while you were hypnotised.

Most people remember what has taken place while they were in trance, with the obvious exception being that they have accepted a suggestion to remember nothing that took place…

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  1. pcadams

    Hey, Phil. Great blog! Great name, too, BTW. 😉

    Just a comment about hypnosis and amnesia. I have more than once had trance amnesia, and who knows if it was suggested or not, as the therapist was none other than the amazing wordsmith, Rubin Battino. If he slipped in a suggestion for amnesia, I’d never know it!

    Have you ever read “Trances People Live” by Wolinsky? He shows us how we experience so-called “deep trance phenomena” in everyday life, just like Bandler said you can do with NLP–it’s all there already, you just become aware of it.

    Be well, and at peace,

    Phil, aka Strange Bird http://pcadams.wordpress.com


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