How do I get started with conversational hypnosis? – a helping hand for the novice Hypnotist

The first thing you need to know is that hypnosis doesn’t exist in a couple of tiny boxes, like most people (and most hypnotists) think it does. Those boxes are Continue Reading →

The Truth at the Heart of the Myth of Secret Hypnotic Language

What’s so important about hypnotic language? If you browse the internet for info, you’d be forgiven for thinking that there are special words and phrases which compel others to do Continue Reading →

How to have hypnotic conversations that won’t sound like you’re a therapist or a weirdo

There’s lots of talk about this thing called ‘conversational hypnosis’ but not everyone is talking about the same thing. some are talking about a style of therapeutic hypnosis pioneered by Continue Reading →

A quick reality check for your 2016 plans – 3 ways to seize control while there’s still time left

Time for a quick reality-check. It’s now over a third of the way through 2016 – have your plans for this year materialised yet, or have you already told yourself Continue Reading →

Working with Belief Clusters – Part 3: How Values Form Chains

[tab name=”Video”] Working with Belief Clusters – Part 3: How Values Form Chains Previously, I demonstrated how beliefs and values are related and how beliefs form chains. In this third Continue Reading →